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Metazoo Seance Booster Box! (Seance Insurance!)

Metazoo Seance Booster Box! (Seance Insurance!)

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Seance Booster Boxes comes with 36 booster packs of the latest set, Seance.

-It is an uncommon issue that some boxes are reportedly all Reverse Holos. To promote a safe shopping experience, if you purchase a booster box from my store and record pulling all Reverse Holos, I will send you another booster box on the house.

It HAS to be recorded to be both fair to me as a seller and you as a buyer. Thank you for supporting my store thus far!

This offer is only available ONCE per booster box. (Example if you order 3 booster boxes, 2 of them are all reverse holo. I will send you 2 new boxes. No more will be sent to replace those, got to keep the lights on!)



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