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COACHING SESSION + Metazoo Flying Manta Ray Theme Deck

COACHING SESSION + Metazoo Flying Manta Ray Theme Deck

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This purchase will include a 1 Hour Coaching Session (online, TTS or Webcam. In person in the Dallas area) that may be taken at any level at your discretion. I am able to coach at the beginner level, intermediate level, and professional level. I am a consistent top 8 player and an Apprentice Metazoologist, I would love to use my expertise to help teach others and also help the store out! My Tournament Placement History is as proceeds:

-Caster Cup Dallas 2nd Place (Prize $50,000)

-Water Tower Top 32 (Prize $500)

-Earth Tower Top 32 (Prize $500)

-Collectacon Denver Top 8 (Prize $350)

-Collectacon Long Beach Top 8 (Prize $500)

-Caster Society/Play Packet Wilderness Event Top 8

-Collectacon Orlando 4th Place

-Dueling Bros/Indigo Plateau 1st Place

-Pro Support Weekend 3rd Place

-Collectacon Houston Top 8

As a promotion, you will receive a MetaZoo: Flying Manta Ray Theme Deck AND a 10% personalized discount code for any purchase in the store!


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