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COACHING SESSION + 2 Metazoo Seance 1st Edition Booster Boxes

COACHING SESSION + 2 Metazoo Seance 1st Edition Booster Boxes

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This purchase will include a 1 Hour Coaching Session (online, TTS or Webcam. In person in the Dallas area) that may be taken at any level at your discretion. I am able to coach at the beginner level, intermediate level, and professional level. I am a consistent top 8 player and an Apprentice Metazoologist, I would love to use my expertise to help teach others and also help the store out! My goal is to access your weak points and fix them to better prepare you for future tournaments. My Tournament Placement History is as proceeds:

-Caster Cup Dallas 2nd Place (Prize $50,000)

-Water Tower Top 32 (Prize $500)

-Earth Tower Top 32 (Prize $500)

-Collectacon Denver Top 8 (Prize $350)

-Collectacon Long Beach Top 8 (Prize $500)

-Caster Society/Play Packet Wilderness Event Top 8

-Collectacon Orlando 4th Place

-Dueling Bros/Indigo Plateau 1st Place

-Pro Support Weekend 3rd Place

-Collectacon Houston Top 8

As a promotion, you will receive 2 MetaZoo: Seance 1st Edition Booster Boxes AND a 10% personalized discount code for any purchase in the store!


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